We Need a New Way of
Working Together.

One that leverages diversity, builds unity & supports robust action.


Results-based Conversations is the answer!

 RbC creates productive team conversations that lead to understanding, alignment, engagement and productive results.


This proven method for achieving greater results, has been used successfully in organizations around the world, for over 20 years.  


Now you and your organization can leverage RbC to unleash your organization’s capabilities!


So, what best describes your role or organization?

managers & Leaders

Managers & Leaders

Create an internal capability for transformation.

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Trainers & Facilitators

Trainers & Facilitators

More confidence and productivity.

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Coaches & Consultants

Coaches & Consultants

Increased client interaction & outcomes.

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Nonprofit & Ministries

Churches & Ministries

Greater impact & engagement.

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Results-based Conversations provides a proven approach to continual organizational revitalization and growth.

RbC isn’t traditional meeting facilitation. It’s a full methodology for engagement, based on principles that apply in any culture or organization.

RbC helps organizations  plan, design, advertise and successfully achieve strategic objectives quicker.  It works by leveraging diversity, creating community, revealing creativity, building consensus, and producing actionable results.

Robust & Diverse

Robust & Diverse

Highly effective in complex and urgent environments, RbC is proven to work across diverse, multi-functional teams, and across numerous industries including Oil & Gas, Retail, Communications, Manufacturing, Consulting & Technology.

RbCis also complementary to other training including leadership development, change management, and team development.

Scalable & Replicable

Scalable & Replicable

WaveChanger training equips you with a dependable process, methodology, and tools that adapt to your organization’s unique needs. From small groups to large– from one meeting to thousands.

WaveChanger supplements your initial training with tools and resources that help you, and your organization, continue your growth.

Creates Internal Capability

Creates Internal Capability

WaveChanger training enables organizations to learn and build an internal capability for collaboration and change readiness.

From cross-organizational initiatives to strategic planning to organizational transformation, WaveChanger helps organizations evolve at the speed of today’s business climate.


Builds Alignment

Builds Alignment

It’s difficult to achieve goals when everyone isn’t on board. RbC promotes understanding and moves teams with varying perspectives to collaborate and engage.

RbC also nurtures conviction and belief in the desired outcome and is built on the premise that teams support what they create.

Eliminates Barriers

Eliminates Barriers

Collaboration across diverse teams and organizational structures can be challenging. Barriers such as different cultures, languages, age groups, or even entitlement of rights or roles can all block progress before the meeting ever starts.

The unique WaveChanger process and RbC methodology helps organizations collaborate effectively across boundaries.

Accelerates Results

Accelerates Results

The in-the-room facilitation process of WaveChanger enables teams and organizations to get to work quickly and enables greater coordination and collaboration.

Incorporating tenets from Design Thinking and Co-Creation models, WaveChanger is a solutions-based approach that challenges assumptions, reduces noise and helps teams cut through long approval processes.

Results-based Conversations 


enable effective collaboration

as a foundational component of organizational health and performance.

RbC reduces organizational friction, creates common objectives, motivates people
and helps employees understand the value of their contributions.

Why Use RbC?

  • Accelerates results
  • Increases ROI
  • ‘We teach you’ model builds internal capability
  • Fosters 360° comprehension & collaboration
  • Breaks down barriers

Use RbC for

  • Organizational culture alignment
  • Growth initiatives
  • Change management
  • Human capital management
  • Performance management
  • Learning & development
  • Workforce transformation

Benefits of RbC

  • Scalable and flexible- process applicable to any size group or objective where change or innovation is required
  • Complements other leadership and organizational development training
  • Designed for urgent & complex situations
  • Works across cultural, gender, age, functional boundaries

Ken Blanchard


WaveChanger offers one of the most effective tools for collaborative leadership I've ever experienced.

I highly recommend it to managers at all levels and in all types of organizations!

- Ken Blanchard

Co-Founder & CSO, The Ken Blanchard Companies

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