Training and Equipping Collaborative Facilitators and Leaders

Organizational change is tricky.

You can create a tsunami and wreck everything you’ve built.

You can create a ripple, and find that things quickly go back to the way they were.

The idea is to create the right waves of change that push the organization, the right direction, at the right pace, so you reach your goals.

That’s why we are creating a community of leaders and facilitators leveraging WaveChangers’ proven method and process of collaborative transformation within all types of organizations.

It’s no secret.

Collaboration is the key to long-term organizational success in our rapidly-changing world.  It builds shared meaning, energizes people, drives needed change and retains top performers.  Skills in collaboration are not only in demand but are critical for every organization focused on improvement.

But, there are challenges.

Team members come from multiple disciplines, have unique skills, and are grounded in multiple cultures/backgrounds.  Often they are focused on the task at hand and distrust those outside of their immediate group. That’s why relying on traditional facilitation techniques is increasingly ineffective.

What’s the best solution?

We need a collaborative approach that is proven to work in both urgent and complex environments.   One that crosses boundaries and builds trust.  An approach that can be used with 10 to 1,000 participants.  One that adapts to every situation and yet remains objective-focused.

Our Clients

WaveChanger offers one of the most effective tools for collaborative leadership I’ve ever experienced.

I highly recommend it to managers at all levels and in all types of organizations!

Ken Blanchard

Co-Founder & CSO, The Ken Blanchard Companies

Results-based Conversations™ (RbC) is our principle-based method for highly effective group collaboration.  

RbC can be used with groups of any size and is typically marked with a blend of both “ah-ha” thinking, effective decision-making and specific action planning. 

RbC moves teams and individuals toward pre-defined goals while encouraging the best solutions to rise to the top.

RbC training is designed for Leaders, ManagersProject Managers, Organizational Development professionals, Consultants and Facilitators.

We train you in the art and science of designing and leading collaborative sessions using our time-tested methodology.  Then we provide you with coaching and a library of resources to succeed.

WaveChange™ is a process for collaborative transformation.

It consists of a series of RbC sessions, along with coaching, conducted over several months, to help organizations improve results with panoramic change .

WaveChange is used by organizations for both internal change, and the establishment or improvement of partnerships where two or more organizations are working together. 

Together, RbC and WaveChange provide organizations a holistic approach for achieving productive collaborative work of any typeof work.

WaveChange is currently being used by large organizations in both the U.S. and Europe.

Note: WaveChange training is coming in 2019. 

RbC and WaveChange

 are being used in a variety of ways.

Cross-Organizational Initiatives

To develop partnerships, community involvement, and collaborations between multiple organizations.

Project Management

To accelerate alignment of project teams, eliminate common barriers, improve results and reduce risks.


To create practical strategies and align the organization for greater impact.


To build ownership and accountability during holistic organizational change.