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 WaveChanger Collaborative Leadership Workshops

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You have hired a great team and you have determined a clear strategy.  Now it’s time to act.  But your gut tells you something is missing.  Your teams are not collaborating as effectively or efficiently as you need.  You find communications are hindered between departments.  Meetings occur but you don’t see the decisions, action, ownership and engagement emerging.

You know that collaboration is a critical component to your organizational growth and success.

How do you overcome the silos, better leverage your resources, improve team collaboration, produce greater results and encourage the adaptability/innovation you need to excel?

WaveChanger’s Collaborative Leadership Workshop
will give you a strategy
to increase collaboration across the silos in your organization.


The result?


Accelerated productivity and innovation!  

Join us for a one-day interactive workshop designed for leaders and managers.

Learn more about real collaboration and come away with practical steps to develop collaborative practices in your organization.

In this workshop we clarify the distinctives of true collaboration and provide you an opportunity to evaluate the level of your organization’s collaborative culture.

  • New insights about collaboration that you will not find elsewhere
  • The KUDA model for collaborative leadership that you can apply now
  • An understanding of the strengths, challenges and next steps you can take to improve your collaborative skills
  • Guidelines for evaluating the collaborative level in your organization
  • Additional resources for building collaboration in your organization
  • An opportunity to interact with your peers around questions about collaboration
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Ready to unleash innovation in your organization?

As an executive with John Deere, I have used the WaveChanger method in a variety of applications to include large corporate gatherings, unit strategy development sessions, and international sessions.

The WaveChanger method creates collaborative decisions, produces detailed actions, and just as important — creates real ownership for those actions.

Denny Daughtery

Director, Global Marketing, John Deere