The WaveChanger



WaveChanger offers a proven method of collaborative facilitation that helps organizations effectively collaborate, innovate, and grow.

Today’s business climate is fast-paced…and ever changing.

 Globalization, technology, diversity, disruptive trends — not to mention the competition nipping at your heels.

 Every organization is under pressure to innovate and adapt… just to keep up.


So how will you bring the change your organization needs to achieve?


Transformative change isn’t an event.  It’s a process that requires collaboration across the  organization.


But, that can be the challenging part… instilling collaborative principles.

Especially when you have large, distributed organizations with diverse, multi-functional groups. Or, when ingrained patterns of thinking and behaving result in a ‘this is how we do it’ approach to problem-solving.

And Leading Change is a tricky thing.

You can create a tsunami and wreck everything you’ve built.

You can create a ripple and find that things quickly go back to the way they were.

The idea is to create the right waves of change that push the organization – the right direction – at the right pace, so you reach your goals!

WaveChanger offers a proven method for driving the process of change throughout the organization.  Change that sticks.  Change that is embraced.


Core Beliefs


Our Mission:

To equip a new generation of collaborative leaders and facilitators.

Our Values (SPICE):

  • Speed, which includes pro-active, action-oriented behaviors
  • Passion, which includes inspiration, engagement, and hunger
  • Integrity, which includes humility, honesty, commitment, and respect
  • Community, which includes teamwork, diversity,  creativity & collaboration
  • Excellence, which includes quality and creating value

We Believe:

  • The Answer is in the room
  • Wasting time is the enemy
  • Collaborative conversations create the best results
  • People support what they create
  • Transformation happens in circles, not in lines