Collaborative Leader

Skilled Facilitator

Tom McGehee


Tom is the Founder of WaveChanger

For over 20 years, Tom has worked globally with businesses, nonprofits and ministries  helping them use his Results-based Conversations methodology 
to fulfill their organizational mission.

Tom is passionate about equipping individuals and organizations to accomplish more than they thought possible. 

He has seen the power of RbC to create teamwork, expedite change efforts and accomplish objectives once thought impossible.

Before entering business, Tom served for 12 years in the U.S. Marines including command of two Special Operations Units, as well as duties at Camp David and the White House.

After his service in the U.S. Marines, Tom was an executive with EDS and a Partner with Ernst & Young, LLP.  Later, he started his own firm, WildWorks, where he was able to further develop the principles and models that now comprise the RbC Methodology

Tom and his wife, Elaine, have been married for forty years. 

They have four children and several grandchildren who live near them in the Dallas-Fort Worth area.

Tom is a graduate of Auburn University.  It was there that he became a Christ-follower. 

Tom has assisted many clients including:

AT&T,   Baylor Health Care,   Bell Canada,   Cox Communication, EDS/HP,   EMC,   JC Penney,   John Deere,   Neiman Marcus, Salvation Army,   Sprint,   WorldVision,   North American Mission Board,   Baylor University,   Dr Pepper/Snapple Group


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Collaborative Session in Las Vegas

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Tom was great in teaching as well as role-modeling... He gives dignity to people and is very affirming.


My interaction with Tom over the past several years has been incredibly helpful particularly as we have gone through a whole series of group conversations around priorities.


I know no one so gifted in facilitating learning here in Europe as Tom has been able to do it... I want to recommend what Tom does, very heartily.


“What I love about WildWorks is their unique capability of harnessing the expertise in the room and getting total engagement and alignment of meeting participants. I have never seen such a level of engagement at any of my previous meetings.”



“Integrating and restructuring multiple business to create the Dr Pepper Snapple Group, has demanded the creation and execution of communication and engagement tools to build alignments across the entire value chain of our organization. WIldWorks has provided great support, helping us successfully achieve this goal.”


Tom is available for speaking engagements.

Leverage his experience and expertise!