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Your message has eternal value, but are you seeing the impact you seek in your members lives and your outreach to community?

Is your staff stressed because they cannot find enough volunteers for their ministry areas?  

Are too many gifts and talents in your church unavailable because members lack passion for serving?

How you engage with your members and community could be the answer.  Collaborative Facilitation isn’t a 21st century approach, it’s the one used by the early church. 

Built around a small group relational-model, WaveChanger’s Collaborative Facilitation Method relies on respect, listening well and engaging with hearts.  

The WaveChanger RbC Training offers a proven process that helps grow collaboration, engagement, and impact.

For years now, I’ve had the pleasure of working together with Tom McGehee and seeing his collaborative method at work.  Tom calls this method RbC or “Results-based Conversations”.  In essence, this method allows you to have the best conversations you can to do what God is calling you to do.

David Ferguson

Pastor, Author, Speaker with NewThing

The WaveChanger RbC
Training will help you:

  • Build an engaged, passionate membership
  • Improve staff leadership skills
  • Support an effective strategic planning and annual budgeting process
  • Build stronger partnerships in the community
  • Establish a reliable process for continual revitalization
  • Extend ministry impact in the community
  • Unleash members/volunteers gifts and talents
  • Increase member involvement/engagement

What you will learn:

  • Learn the components of effective collaborative sessions
  • Gain knowledge for how to increase member and staff engagement
  • Understand how to apply the WaveChanger methodology across any situation
  • How to engage and align diverse groups 
  • Understand how to create opportunities that inspire innovation and revitalization thinking
  • Explore different management decision models and their outcomes

What you will take away:

  •  A proven process for establishing a culture that values collaboration
  • Tools for building deeper member relationships
  • A robust system of principles that you can adapt to any situation or culture
  • An understanding of how to create renewed energy and a sense of commitment among participants
  • Confidence in your abilities to lead diversity and reduce barriers to engagement
  • Execution methodologies that consistently deliver results

Great for Ministries & Nonprofits who:

  • Work with complex situations and large groups
  • Need to engage diverse segments, cultures, and personalities
  • Want to deliver on your mission with a greater impact
  • Seek a proven methodology for growth and revitalization
  • Want to improve collaboration and engagement of members

“RbC taught me how to pull the answer out of the room. I may have ideas and solutions for their problem but them owning the idea and solution is key, and helping them find it from among their gathered and trusted voices ensures ownership and long-term buy-in.”.


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