Working Together

For over twenty years I have been

introducing the power of

Result-based Conversations

to businesses, nonprofits and faith-based organizations.


Using RbC has helped them solve their most critical issues,

and maximize new opportunities. 


 But one thing bothered me.


Over time some of the organizations

would return to work as usual.

Something was missing.

That was a turning point

in how we work with organizations.

Now through WaveChanger,

I have combined delivery with training and equipping.

That’s why we use Workshops, Videos, Coaching, and Training

to keep organizations moving forward.

To do this we use a four part engagement model that provides

immediate benefits and lowers risks for you. 



We roll-out collaborative principles across the organization using our GO FAST TOGETHER Workshop for managers and individuals.  This engages them and gives give them a working approach using RbC principles so they can maximize productive meetings and teamwork.

Targeted RbC Sessions

Targeted RbC Sessions

We demonstrate the power of Results-based Conversations to solve real organizational problems and to create immediate return on your investment in working with us.


RbC Facilitation Training & Coaching

RbC Facilitation Training & Coaching

Here we identify and train several individuals who design and facilitate the type of RbC collaborative sessions conducted by WaveChanger during the engagement. 

They are collaborative specialists within the organization.

Faster ROI

Targeted RbC Sessions tackle your most significant problems at the front.

Lower Risk

See the Value at the front end of the engagement as you see the power of RbC.

More Impact

Employess see the benefits from Targeted RbC Sessions, increasing their acceptance.

Organic Change

Everyone is introduced to Results-based Conversations as a natural movement of the organization.

In a typical engagement,

we will schedule events at intervals

to match your organizational needs. 



The WaveChanger approach uses repetitive impressions

within your organization

to bring about long-term change and

create fresh momentum on your more pressing efforts. 

Each Session, Workshop and Training event

brings your organization closer to a

collaborative culture of

innovation and engagement.




Our consultative approach offers significant benefits.


1. Provides a quicker ROI.

2. Lowers organizational Risks.

3. Influences the whole organization.

4. Improves results, creativity and productivity.

5. Leverages diversity for robust solutions.







As we engage with organizations,

we layer our three types of training.


We show students what collaboration looks like in their context, teach them how to collaborate, guide them in exercises, observe and provide feedback and then provide ongoing coaching, as needed.

How can we help your organization improve communication, collaboration, and results?

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