Let Us Facilitate Your Next Working Session!

Don’t Waste Time!

Make sure your next Working Session is successful.  We see this when it involves everyone in the room, creates mutual understanding, expand relationships, builds real ownership and accomplishes the results you need.

We understand.  It’s costly to schedule participants, plan meetings and then not get the outcomes you need.

Let us show you how to get consistent results from the time being invested by you and your organization.

Using our proven Results-based Conversations methodology, we will carefully design and professionally facilitate a session for your team where you accomplish more than you thought, in less time than you you expected!

African American woman standing and talking at briefing

How We Do It

Our methodology is based on hundreds of productive working sessions with business, non-profit and religious organizations.

It focuses on leading participants through the key areas of Knowledge, Understanding and Decision/Action.  The results are created by the participants, not the facilitator.

Whether the discussion centers around planning, strategy, a merger/acquisition, a partnership, team-building, or introducing a new initiative, our Results-based Conversations (RbC) methodology helps us design the most effective event for your desired outcomes.

We use over 25 proven activities to guide participants into robust conversations and better relationships. 

With the experience of facilitating sessions in multiple countries  with 6 to 600 participants, we have the know-how.  Plus, with RbC, we can include larger numbers of participants and get you more robust results!

African American woman standing and talking at briefing

What We Do

We will meet with you to discuss the 5P’s of planning your custom session.  We want to ensure your session meets your requirements.

Then we will design a custom working session with activities, work questions, knowledge-sharing, understanding exercises, and specific decision/action assignments.  Everything will be planned in detail.

You will have full involvement in the process and we will ensure that your desired outcomes are achieved!

When the Design is complete, we will review it with you and provide all the information for preparation.

We also provide detailed preparation instructions to ensure the environment provides a home-field advantage for the event.

During the session, your team will experience an interactive process that guides them through the learning, understanding and developing next steps along with scheduling.

As an executive with John Deere, I have used the WaveChanger method in a variety of applications to include large corporate gatherings, unit strategy development sessions, and international sessions.

The WaveChanger method creates collaborative decisions, produces detailed actions, and just as important — creates real ownership for those actions.

Denny Daughtery

Director, Global Marketing, John Deere

We have used RbC internally in our own company to develop plans and strategies for our business. 

RbC is more than a facilitation method.  It allows every participant to maximize their abilities and brings together everybody in a way that creates alignment for action. 

It is one of the most effective tools for collaborative leadership I have experienced.  I highly recommended it to managers at all levels and in all type of organizations.”

Ken Blanchard

Coauthor of The New One Minute Manager

Don’t waste any more Time!

The Answer is in the Room and we can help You find it.

Because the Participants create the Answers, they will Support it.

And the process is natural, based on Conversations not gimmicks or games.