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Builds Collaboration.

Increases engagement.

Reduces time-wasting events.

Empowers facilitators for results.

About the WaveChanger

 Facilitation Methodology


Facilitation Methodology

In today’s fast-paced business climate, collaboration is critical to organizational success but challenging at the same time.

Diverging cultures, teams with different perspectives, and decision-making patterns are just a few challenges faced by organizations seeking to evolve their business.

These challenges make traditional facilitation techniques increasingly ineffective.

WaveChanger offers a powerful, non-traditional system of facilitation based on a methodology called
Results-Based-Conversations (RbC).

RbC has been developed and refined for over 20 years, through its application in hundreds of organizations and thousands of session.


But make no mistake, WaveChanger is more than meeting facilitation


…WaveChanger is a refined process of collaboration that brings together multiple parties to  produce more than they could separately in less time than they expected.

WaveChanger focuses on these primary pillars:

1. Design + Process

Unlike ‘in the moment’ facilitation techniques, WaveChanger facilitation starts well ahead of the meeting date with key stakeholders defining the work and crafting clear objectives.

During the facilitation meeting, the WaveChanger process provides a proven method of engaging participants, inspiring collaborative innovation, and developing effective solutions.

2. Internal Wisdom

WaveChanger isn’t about imposing outside viewpoints. It’s about having the right participants in the room to get the right answers.

Having stakeholders from all levels invites valuable insights from those closest to the challenges and creates ‘the answer is in the room’ environment.

3. Collaboration = Results

People own what they create. WaveChanger promotes appreciation of diverse thoughts, reduces barriers, builds trust, and nurtures buy-in at all levels.  

The result? Better decisions, quicker approval process, and accelerated implementation of agreed-upon solutions.




  • Provides a proven methodology for achieving results known as RbC
  • Avoids wasting participants time in unproductive sessions
  • Empowers facilitators with confidence and skills
  • Reduces facilitator stress and redundant prep work
  • Increases participant engagement in and after sessions
  • Works in any situation, even complex and urgent settings
  • Scales throughout the organization
  • Engages introverts and extroverts in robust conversations
  • Does not require facilitators to have specific subject matter knowledge or personality

Let’s Start Collaborating.