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A Fresh Approach to Facilitation Training

Looking for facilitation training that includes isn’t based on techniques and games?

One that allows you to be yourself?

WaveChanger offers a non-traditional system of facilitation.  It is principle-based and uses a methodology called Results-Based-Conversations (RbC) which offers a proven process for achieving results.

RbC training provides you with the skills to work with multiple groups, divisions, departments or organizations to build engagement and achieve your objectives.



What our Students are saying

"This training is applicable to almost any situation in the private sector, public sector, or non-profit sector. It's based upon solid principles of group dynamics."


“RbC taught me how to pull the answer out of the room. I may have ideas and solutions for their problem but them owning the idea and solution is key, and helping them find it from among their gathered and trusted voices ensures ownership and long-term buy-in."


"RbC allows the leader to lead the team so that the team takes responsibility and ownership of decisions. It helps the leader to truly lead - equipping others and bringing out the best from every individual.”


"Collaboration is a myth without a way to get the right people in the room, with the right attitude and tools to have the right conversation!"


"I think it's super helpful and effective not only for 2-day strategy sessions where you make major advances. The tools and philosophy are also very helpful for staff gatherings, training events, coaching, and many other group facilitation opportunities."


"For me this kind of results-based conversations and collaboration are the future. When you need to address and solve a problem, Millenials will want to be part of the solution. With this kind of process the ownership can be so much higher and the long lasting impact far more reaching."


"I'm fascinated by the focus on iteration in RbC facilitation, and the way it both allows understanding to happen, plus it includes introvert's insights in the process."


"On a personal level: that *I* can do it. I never thought I would be able to create or lead such a session, but after experiencing the RbC training I saw that I in fact can."


"Tom was great in teaching as well as role-modeling and at the same time we had our own learning experiences. Theory and action went together and was therefore so valuable. We saw the process in action."


"The RbC Method is unique. It leads people to a place of ownership."


"Just going though the session design exercise and experiencing it right there allowed all that knowledge from the online course to form a coherent understanding of RbC."


"The overall approach was most helpful, particularly understanding how you can bring alignment with the right process."


"I would recommend this training because it makes people aware, that people need to understand & own the changes for them to move forward together."


Collaborative Facilitation Training

What to Expect



WaveChanger uses a 3-part approach. First, students are provided instruction on WaveChanger methodologies and core principles. Then, students practice their learning through imitating in a safe, nurturing environment. And finally, students will learn to innovate as they adapt key methods and processes to their unique situations. Read more details about the WaveChanger Approach.

About Training

WaveChanger utilizes a two-phase model for instruction which ensures the training is practical and applicable. The WaveChanger training is both intense and energetic. Students will be equipped with a proven process and practical tools that can be used as they tackle the challenges of applying the new knowledge gained during the training session.


Video Training

Upon registration, and prior to the training, students are provided a series of videos to watch which will introduce the concepts of WaveChanger and RbC methodologies. Watching the videos prior to training enables students to be prepared to apply their new knowledge through imitation and innovation during the classroom training session.

Videos include; Introduction to Wavechanger & RbC, Design of Team Meetings, Session Facilitation, The Six Principles of RbC, RbC Models and Common Questions.


Classroom Training

Next, the student attends classroom training which includes knowledge transfer, role-playing, and group discussions. Classroom training incorporates multiple interactions designed to engage students at both the head and heart level.

Each student will receive a Collaborative Facilitation journal to incorporate their notes and learning. This journal helps students capture key concepts for later review, and allows them to build a portfolio of approaches which can be applied to their own WaveChanger facilitation sessions.

How will WaveChanger benefit you?

Find out how WaveChanger can be applied to your unique role and situation.

Managers &



Create an internal capability
for transformation.


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Proven process reduces stress
and uncertainty.


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Increase client site visits & outcomes.






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Build engagement and
enhance community impact.