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You’ve created a great team and determined a clear strategy.  Now it’s time to act.

But your gut tells you something is missing.


Your teams are not collaborating as effectively or efficiently as you need.


You find communications are hindered between departments.

Meetings occur but you don’t see the decisions, action, ownership and engagement emerging.


You recognize collaboration is a critical component to your organizational growth and success.


But, how do you overcome the silos, better leverage your resources, improve team collaboration, produce greater results and encourage the adaptability/innovation you need to excel?

WaveChanger’s Collaborative Leadership

provides you a proven approach

to establish collaboration across the silos in your organization.


The result?


Accelerated productivity and innovation!  

At WaveChanger we have found that creating an environment where collaborative methods are widely used leads to significant positive results in decision-making and getting results.

Collaboration is widely misunderstood.  Everyone thinks they collaborate (and do it well!).  There are lots of articles and ideas about teamwork and collaboration but much of it consists of slogans along with tips and techniques

It seems that everyone talks the talk, but how many organizations do you see that have perfected a collaborative environment the seems frictionless?

We don’t just talk about collaboration, we show you how to instill it in your organization and spread it organically.  We help change the culture not just make meetings go better.    

True collaboration begins with better conversations, whether in the hall, in a conference room or on a break.  We show you how.

Conversations may seem to be a strange place to start but that is where collaboration begins.  From there you can move to leading a working session with multiple departments and disciplines who need to get behind an initiative.   

That’s where Results-based Conversations shines.  RbC breaks down the barriers between groups in your organization and allows them to engage productively starting with everyday conversations.  It builds unity, strengthens personal ownership and aligns everyone for unified results.

Those who use RbC consistently tell us how amazed they are at the results they see.  Just read some of our testimonials. 

In a world of business challenges, you need your team working smoothly and collaboratively.  So why wait? 


Plus, we have a Workshop just for You!

Attend our Collaborative Leadership Workshop!  


It’s designed for leaders and managers who want to learn more about collaboration

and come away with practical steps to build collaborative thinking in their organization.


In this workshop we clarify the distinctives of true collaboration

and provide you an opportunity to identify the level of your organization’s collaborative culture.


You will walk away with a better understanding of the shifts required to

build a collaborative culture,

plus practical ideas to begin working on.


Cox-Communications | WaveChanger Facilitation Training

I have experienced both the RbC method and the WaveChanger process, and I have found no better approach to church collaboration.  If you are a church pastor and need to align your staff around a vision or develop a strategy, RbC if for you.

If you are in any kind of network and want to increase your impact, the WaveChange process will help you accelerate your results through true collaboration.

Dan Southerland

Pastor and Network Leader

Whether your leading one meeting with six people our facilitating a three-day collaboration with multiple organizations, RbC can help you guide a team from a dividing question to a unifying answer, or from a complicated opportunity to a simple action plan.

By clarifying the issues at hand and leveraging the hidden resources already in the room, RbC training helps ensure that teams discover solutions they can own and implement.”

A. B.

RbC Graduate

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