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What is the Model Book?

This PDF includes 30+ Models that Tom uses when he leads workshops.

Users can download this PDF and print it.

Or they can download and use Adobe Acrobat to add notes.

This book is also available in printed form at Tom’s workshops, for registered participants.

Length is 75 pages.

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What are Templates?

Templates are designed graphics that can be printed in larger sizes and which participants record their progress or thoughts. 

For example we have a template for capturing the thoughts of a table group about a topic.  And a template for consolidating the models that table groups have created.

Templates are used by table groups to capture their thoughts and then posted at the front of the session for further discussion by the full group.  

Our templates are designed to be printed on 36″ wide and 24″ tall paper which can be done at FEDEX/KINKOS.  Each template includes graphics to guide the participants in recording their thoughts.




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