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FasTogether Workshop

Your influence as a leader can help or hinder your organization.  We show you how to lead collaboratively in a way that improves your organization’s teamwork and results!

This one-day event focuses in the morning session on the THREE SHIFTS leaders must make to foster true collaboration in their organization.  In the afternoon session, Tom shows you how to build collaborative teamwork at every level of your organization.

This interactive workshop is based on Tom’s Results-based Conversations™ methodology which he has used for over 20 years in organizations world-wide.


This one-day learning event is designed for managers and leaders who want

1) Be a true collaborative leader and

2) Build a more collaborative environment in their organization, departments or teams.

This is not a lecture! Tom leads an interactive workshop consisting of:

  • Introductions to fresh concepts and models
  • Table conversations with peers around tables
  • Group Exercises
  • Scenarios for application of concepts
  • Developing personal action steps

At each step Tom provides examples and handouts.  


Morning Session

Collaborative Leadership

  • Why Collaboration is critical
  • Three Leader Shifts to Make
  • The KUDA Model
  • Working with Perspectives
  • Applying KUDA
  • The Six Realities
  • Peter Drucker’s Five Questions
  • Decision-Making
  • Building a collaborative approach

Afternoon Session

Collaborative Teams

  • Emotional Intelligence
  • 4MAT Design
  • Power of the Positive
  • Collaborative Conversation Framework
  • Work Team exercise 1
  • Work Team exercise 2
  • Reporting

What You Leave With

  • A fresh perspective on Collaboration
  • A collaborative Leadership approach
  • How to influence your Culture
  • More focus on improvement
  • How to use KUDA in every conversation
  • How to empower staff collaboration
  • How organizational change works
  • Your strategy cascade
  • When to stop procrastinating
  • A collaborative Teamwork framework
  • How to leverage the Learning Curve
  • How to leverage Perspectives
  • The Cynefin Framework
  • “The Six Realities” book by Tom
  • “The Model” book by Tom
  • New friendships around the table

Best for those Who...

  • Anyone who leads an organization, team, group or volunteers
  • Those who want to positively influence the culture in their organization
  • Those who with diverse teams, cultures, and personalities
  • Those who want to increase their impact and productivity
  • Anyone who needs fresh methods to bring lasting change to the organization
  • Those who want to be instrumental in leading successful improvement

We work with Sponsors!

We collaborate with sponsoring organizations to host Workshops and Training.  We advertise on our mailing list, provide all materials and ensure that everyone has a great experience with practical application!  As a sponsor, you provide the event space, advertise locally and oversee registration.

We specialize in two  types of Events.

Open Events

Open Events are advertised to the public and allow your organization to build exposure and value with others. 

Civic and social organizations can leverage this event to grow their influence and membership. 

Churches can use the event to reach non-attenders and work with other churches to influence their community. 

Businesses can build good-will with their clients, increase their influence and establish their message.

Tom will conference beforehand to understand your needs and objectives.  Your organization will receive special discounts and can use our media package for advertising the event. 

You would provide the space and refreshments.  We will bring all materials and provide a memorable experience for all who attend.  

Closed Events

Closed Events are private events specifically focused on the needs of  your organization.

For these events, Tom will customize the event to focus on specific objectives you define.

He will conference beforehand with you and use is RbC methodology to plan the event to have the maximum impact on your organizational participants.

RbC Facilitator Training

Become a powerful facilitator in your organization.  Learn the secrets of leading teams, projects and sessions to achieve more than they thought possible.

This two-day training includes videos, group exercises and and introduction to the powerful models used in the RbC methodology.

This training is based on Results-based Conversations™ which is our premier methodology in helping organizations achieve more than they though in less time than they thought.


Your time includes a mixture of video pre-work, in-class instruction, and hands-on learning that lets participants hone their skills in a nurturing environment.

There’s no gimmicky facilitation tricks — and no need to be the subject matter expert on the facilitation topic you lead.

Students watch 8 videos in preparation for the interactive two-day classroom experience.

In the classroom, students experience the power of an RbC session and practice applying the information they have learned from the videos.

Each student receives a Workbook, Snacks, the RbC Elements Deck and a numbered Certificate.



  • Principles of RbC
  • Planning to meet your meeting goals
  • How to use Models to simplify leadership
  • Creating the ideal meeting structure 
  • Making the environment work for you
  • Leading meetings professional
  • Using professional templates

What You Will Learn

  • The WaveChanger methodology and process
  • How to design to ensure productive outcomes
  • How to not waste everyone’s time
  • 27 Activities to consider when designing a group meeting of 6 to 50 participants
  • Understand how to apply RbC in any group conversation
  • How to engage and align diverse groups without facilitation tricks
  • How to create opportunities that inspire innovation and ‘ah-ha’ thinking
  • How to manage disruptions, common session killers and disruptive personalities
  • How to be a Meeting Guru

What You Leave With

  • Confidence in your abilities to engage diverse teams and lead effectively
  • A proven methodology that reduces stress and prep time
  • A robust system of principles that you can adapt to any meeting
  • An understanding of how to build energy and a sense of accountability among participants
  • Execution methodologies that consistently deliver result
  • The skills of Meeting Guru who helps others achieve more together.

Best for a Anyone Who...

  • Regularly facilitates meetings with complex and/or urgent topics
  • Needs to be effective with diverse teams, cultures, and personalities
  • Has high demands for productivity and results
  • Wants to consistently lead meetings that get expected results, in less time
  • Needs to expand their confidence in working with high-pressure meetings
  • Wants to be the ‘go-to’ person to facilitate effective meetings within the organization
  • Desires to be an influencer in creating a collaborative environnment in their organization

FasTogether Workshop


What I found was extremely helpful was how Tom integrated the concepts of collaboration and leadership.

I think it is really applicable in a lot of contexts, whether it’s a profit or non-profit organizations. It also it provides a lot of really useful and powerful applications.

Having spent years as a leader I am constantly positioning myself as a student I’m always looking for new insights and learnings.  I am taking away a lot of things today.

Tom provides little concepts that you tend to overlook.  It’s all about incremental gains and that for me was very valuable.

Andy Lee

FasTogether Workshop


So, from a corporate point of view I thought it was excellent.  The delivery was superb.

The concept of Collaboration was unpacked in such a way that I can take what I learned here today and apply it on Monday.  Lots of nuggets, especially the KUDA model.

I came in thinking it was going to be watered-down content but I was impressed with depth of the material.  Absolutely lots of wisdom that I can take away today.

E. Bennet

RbC Facilitator Training

Whether your leading one meeting with 6 people or facilitating a three-day collaboration with multiple organizations, RbC Facilitator training can help you guide a team from a dividing question to a unifying answer, or from a complicated opportunity to a simple action plan.

By clarifying the issues at hand and leveraging the hidden resources already in the room, RbC training helps ensure that teams discover solutions they can own and implement.

Student A.B.

RbC Facilitator Training


Just wanted to let you know that I just facilitated my first learning community for our mission agency and they were completely blown away by the quality of the process, the  power of the collaboration, and the strength of the action plans that were created. 

And I had SO MUCH FUN doing it!

Thanks for sharing your WaveChanger resources, skills, techniques, insights, and yourself with me. I think you would’ve been proud of me!

– J.W.

RbC Facilitator Training


For me, this kind of Results-based Conversations and collaboration is the future.

When you need to address and solve a problem, Millennials will want to be part of the solution.

With this kind of process, the ownership can be so much higher and the long-lasting impact far more reaching.”

– Student – E.R. – Consultant

FasTogether Workshop


I loved the diversity in the room.  The materials were excellent and the exercises were very relevant to my work.

– Student 

FasTogether Workshop


I felt like this training was some of the best organizational training that I have ever received to involve more people in a process.

– Student 

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