WaveChangers offers two type of facilitation training, Results-based Conversations and WaveChange. Both are designed to integrate with one another, with WaveChange supporting longer-term initiatives..

Results-based Conversations (RbC)

RbC is the foundational training and is the basis for WaveChange.  RbC is a method for designing and facilitating collaborative sessions that are critical, urgent and complex.  The power of RbC is its ability to accelerate results and create strong ownership for decisions and action plans created using the process.   

RbC is best used when organizations are working with high-impact and complex decisions.  It simplifies the collaborative process and delivers effective and measurable results in short time-frames.  RbC is ideal for situations like this.

  • Creating a plan to increase millions of dollars in new sales in only two months
  • Re-invigorating a partnership in two days, that had stagnated for over six months
  • Identifying and creating a strategy to make operational improvements worth $200+K
  • Identifying where and how to reduce manufacturing cycle times from months to weeks

During RbC Training, students will:

  • Learn the six key principles of using RbC
  • Participate in an RbC experience
  • Learn the session models and when to use them
  • Learn how to use the Rbc worksheets to plan
  • Discuss common RbC scenarios
  • Role play for both session design, and conduct
  • Apply RbC to their organizational context

RbC for Businesses

RbC for Non-Profits


WaveChange is a collaborative process conducted as a series of RbC sessions over a 12-24 month timeframe.  It provides the rapid impact of the RbC method along with the power of sustained improvement over longer term periods of time.  Leaders, managers and facilitators, involved with longer-term initiatives requiring collaborative change, are the best candidates for WaveChange training.

  • Learn how to create and manage a long term (12-24 month) collaborative change process.

  • Understand the different roles required to make such a process a success.

  • Learn how to create a custom WaveChange plan to guide your efforts.

  • Learn how to apply both the RbC method for the conduct of collaborative sessions, and how to integrate other facilitation approaches.

  • See the various ways to integrate your efforts with other initiatives in your organization.

  • Develop an approach for collaborative leadership.

  • Understand the key elements of establishing a truly collaborative culture in an organization.

  • Learn both the general WaveChange process, and specific application to strategy development, project or program management, and partnership creation.

WaveChange for Businesses

WaveChange for Non-Profits

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