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We train professionals to design and lead effective collaborative sessions!


It’s no secret. 

Collaboration is the key to long-term organizational success in our rapidly-changing world.  It builds shared meaning, energizes people, drives needed change and retains top performers.  Skills in collaboration are not only in demand but are critical for every organization focused on improvement.

But, there are challenges.

Collaboration can be difficult.  Participants come from multiple disciplines, have unique skills, and are grounded in multiple cultures/backgrounds.  Often they are focused on the task at hand and distrust those outside of their immediate group. That’s why relying on traditional facilitation techniques is increasingly ineffective.

Yet, we know.

Optimal decision-making is possible with the right participants, objectives, approach and planning. 

What’s the best solution?

We need a collaborative approach that is proven to work in both urgent and complex environments.   That crosses boundaries and builds trust.  An approach that can be used with 5 or 1,500 participants.  One that adapts to every situation and yet remains objective-focused. That’s why we developed WaveChanger!

Here is what Ken Blanchard, author of over 60 books including the “OneMinute Manager” says about WaveChanger.

In a global corporation, it is imperative to have an aligned leadership team to have any hope of executing a world-wide strategy. I have used the RbC method several times to create just such strategies. Each time the process accelerated results, reduced our overall risk, and created real alignment and buy in across business lines, and geographic regions.

HIlary Ware

Chief Human Resource Officer, Bristow

I have experienced both the RbC method, and the WaveChange process, and I have found no better approach for church collaboration. If you are a church pastor and need to align your staff around a vision or develop a strategy RbC is for you.  If you are in any kind of network and want to increase your impact, the WaveChange process will help you accelerate your results through true collaboration.

Dan Southerland

New Thing Network Leader, Pastor

As an executive with John Deere, I have used the RbC method  in a variety of applications to include large corporate gatherings, unit strategy development sessions, and international sessions. The RbC method creates collaborative decisions, produces detailed actions, but just as important creates real ownership for those actions.

Denny Daughtery

Director, Global Marketing , John Deere

As a trained WaveChanger facilitator you will find that participants in WaveChange session rave about the process and benefits they achieve.


“We did Months of work in Days.”


“Everyone felt his or her voice was heard.”


“We achieved more than we thought possible.”


“For the first time we were on time and on budget.”

WaveChanger training is designed for Leaders, ManagersProject Managers, Organizational Development professionals and Consultants.

We train you in the art and science of designing and leading collaborative sessions  with our time-tested methodology.  Then we provide you with coaching and a library of resources to work with!

WaveChanger training comes in two levels.   Depending on your role, you can choose to take one or both training classes.

1) Base Training 

Results-based Conversations™ is our base methodology for group facilitation.  RbC can be used with groups of any size and is typically marked with a blend of both “ah-ha” thinking, effective decision-making and specific action planning.  RbC moves teams and individuals toward pre-defined goals while encouraging the best solutions to rise to the top.

2) Advanced Class

WaveChange is our advanced process for sustained collaborative transformation built on RbC.  It consists of a series of RbC sessions, conducted over time, to help organizations instill long-term change for improved results.  

Together, RbC and WaveChange provide organizations a holistic approach for achieving productive collaborative work of any type.

With WaveChanger training you have a proven approach for groups to have their best conversations, while achieving better results in less time. 

How is WaveChanger being used by organizations?


Cross-Organizational Initiatives

To develop partnerships, community involvement, and cross-organizational collaborations

Root Cause Analysis

To identify where and how to reduce manufacturing cycle-times from months to weeks


To identify and create a practical strategy for operational improvements worth more than $200K


To create a two-month plan which raised sales by millions of dollars.

What’s so Different about RbC?

WaveChanger’s RbC methodology is based upon proven principles and intentional design, not trendy techniques or a bag of facilitator “tricks”.   WaveChanger uses a sophisticated approach that is time-tested.  Nothing is left to chance in a WaveChanger session.   Each session is pre-configured, with a detailed agenda, called a Design.

As a WaveChanger consultantyou create the Design in cooperation with the the Owners, based on desired Objectives.  The Design includes the types of participants, organizational context and specific objectives that must be achieved.  The participants are considered the Learning Community.

The Design is then broken down into multiple target Activities.  Each Activity is applied to assist the Learning Community in gathering, creating, evaluating,  summarizing and defining creative and powerful solutions, based on the Objectives.

WaveChanger consultant uses multiple criteria to determine the best Activities for achieving the Objectives.  When completed, the Design ensures the best information and thinking are applied to achieve the objectives.

A WaveChanger Session, based on RbC,  ensures presence, promotes understanding, creates ownership,  leverages teamwork, drives discovery, and produces actionable results. 

Tom McGehee, Founder of WaveChanger

Tom is the lead RbC instructor.  In the past 15 years, Tom has worked with hundreds of business and nonprofits around the world.  He  is an well-known leader in collaborative design and his sessions lead to systemic and culture change.  The following video is from a 2017 conference in Berlin, where Tom was leading collaborative session with over 150 participants.